SET 6 SURBL.IZ.0-65-441

Stanley FatMax 6 piece parallel Pozi VDE set, 0-65-441

Product code: SET 6 SURBL.IZ.0-65-441

154,69 lei111,27 lei Does include VAT


Product Description


  • 100% individually tested to 1,000 volts
  • Large diameter handle offers increased torque, necessary for driving screws into wooden surfaces
  • Isolated polyamide handle ensures resistance down do -25 degrees Celsius, heightened abrasion resistance and reduces moisture absorption
  • Ergonomic handle design ensures a large diameter for powerful torque and a reduced diameter axis to ensure quick screwing/unscrewing of machine screws.
  • Industrial class – 1000 V AC insulated, tested to EN60900:2004 specification
  • Colour coded terminals for easier identification of proper screwdriver for any type of screw
  • Smooth domed end for fast spinning action – speed and comfort
  • Varfurile asigura un cuplu imbunatatit si protectie la coroziune
  • Chrome vanadium steel bar allows for high torque and reduces the chance of tip breakage
  • Ambalate in cutie de carton


  • Phillips screwdriver 1 (PH1), izolata x 100 mm
  • Phillips screwdriver 2 (PH2), izolata x 125 mm
  • Flat-blade (slot), insulated screwdriver 2.5 x 50 mm
  • Flat-blade (slot), insulated screwdriver 3.5 x 75 mm
  • Flat-blade (slot), insulated screwdriver 5.5 x 150 mm
  • Flat-blade (slot), insulated screwdriver and mains tester 3 x 64 mm

40px-Screw_Head_-_Phillips.svg Screw_Head_-_Slotted.svg

Additional Information

Type of product

Screwdriver set

Electrically insulated

Yes – 1000 V

With interchangeable bits




With ratchet


Screw type

Multiple sizes

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