SIG.M 4P40/0.03DIF
CKN4-25/1N/C/003, SIGURANTA AUTOMATA DIFERENTIALA, 1P + N, 25A, MOELLERCKN4-40/1N/C/003, SIGURANTA AUTOMATA DIFERENTIALA, 1P + N, 40A, MOELLERCKN4-40/1N/C/003, SIGURANTA AUTOMATA DIFERENTIALA, 1P + N, 40A, MOELLERCKN4-40/1N/C/003, SIGURANTA AUTOMATA DIFERENTIALA, 1P + N, 40A, MOELLERSigurante-Eaton-tetrapolare-fataSigurante-Eaton-lateralSiguranta-Eaton-tetrapolara-

Eaton – Moeller residual current circuit breaker, 63 A, 4 pole, 30 mA, type AC

Product code: SIG.M 4P63/0.03DIF

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Product Description

A compact residual current device for fault current/residual current and additional protection, suitable for residential and small commercial use.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Real contact position indicator
  • Automatic re-setting possible
  • Shape compatible with and suitable for standard busbar connection to other devices of the P-series
  • Twin-purpose terminal (lift/open-mouthed) above and below
  • Busbar positioning options (above or below)
  • Free terminal space despite installed busbar
  • Universal tripping signal switch, also suitable for PLS., PKN., Z-A. can be subsequently mounted
  • Auxiliary switch Z-HK can be subsequently mounted
  • Contact position indicator red – green
  • Delayed types suitable for use with standard fluorescent lamps, with or without electronic ballast (30mA-RCD: 30 units per
    phase conductor, 100mA-RCD: 90 units per phase conductor). NB: If fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts are used, more than 30/90 units can be switched but exactly how many depends on the make of the ballast. It is recommended to distribute these ballasts evenly across all phases and to follow the instructions of the ballast manufacturer.
  • The device functions irrespective of the position of installation
  • Tripping is line voltage-independent. Consequently, the RCD is suitable for “fault current/residual current protection” and “additional protection” within the the meaning of the applicable installation rules
  • Mains connection at either side
  • The 4-pole device can also be used for 3-pole connection. For this purpose use terminals 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 (+ cable link).
  • The 4-pole device can also be used for 2-pole connection. For this purpose use terminals 5-6 and N-N.


  • Descriere stalpi: 3F+N
  • Nominal current: 63A
  • Rated short circuit strength Inc: 10 kA
  • Cod pentru curba: AC
  • Numar module: 4
  • Rated tripping current: 30 mA
  • Tripping temperature: -25…+40 grade Celsius*
  • Device height: 80 mm
  • Device width: 70 mm
  • Electrical endurance: ≥ 4000 cicluri operare
  • Mechanical endurance:  ≥ 20000 cicluri operare
  • Degree of protection, built-in: IP40
  • Degree of protection in moisture-proof enclosure: IP54
  • Terminal capacity: 1.5-35 mm² single wire, 2 x 16 mm² multi wire
  • Busbar thickness: 0.8 – 2 mm
  • Resistance to climatic conditions: 25-55°C/90-95% relative humidity acc. to IEC/EN 61008

Mounting and use:

  • Quick fastening with 2 lock-in positions on DIN rail
 If you require any other types or sizes of this product, please contact us.

Additional Information

No. of poles


Residual current protection



63 A

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