Starter for direct start 18 A 220 V

Product code: DRG D18A/220V ELM

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Product Description

The electromagnetic starters are devices designed for remote control, direct control and protection of induction motors or other electrical consumers. The starters are housed in metal and/or plastic boxes with the corresponding IP protection from dust and moisture. Protection of the device from short circuit should be provided through breakers or disconnectors at mounting. The choice of a suitable protection prevents the motor’s operation in unusual temperature conditions and guarantees constant operation, increases effectiveness and prolongs the lifetime of the motor.

Functions: ƒ

  • Switching on/off alternating current consumers ƒ
  • Does not allow secondary unwarranted switching on of the starter at transitory lowering of the voltage ƒ
  • Protects the motor from overload in the range of the corresponding thermal protection ƒ

Technical data: ƒ

  • Rated voltage of the controlling voltage: 220-230V AC; 50/60 Hz
  • Rated operating voltage: 690V ƒ
  • Rated operating current : 18 A AC ƒ
  • Insulation voltage: 690V ƒ
  • Surge voltage wear resistance:≥6000V ƒ
  • Joining terminal: screw terminal ƒ
  • Small size and power consumption ƒ
  • Connecting:  flexible or rigid conductors with or without cable terminal for joining to the consumer and section according to the motor power. Two by two inlets/outlets supplied with orifices for the cables ƒ
  • Possibility for range adjustment of the protection activating ƒ
  • IP code: IP 44 ƒ
  • Possibility for operation at higher frequency ƒ
  • Mounting: to a flat surface (wall) with bolts/ screws. Mounting position: vertical gradient – maximum± 5° ƒ
  • Plastic: wear resistance of UV rays and non-flammable (self-extinguishing material) ƒ
  • Metal corpus: corrosion-proof coating ƒ
  • Ambient temperature: -10°C + 65°C ƒ
  • Altitude: up to 2000m

Additional Information


220 V


18 A

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