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Sigle-phase electronic power meter CSM 0201

Product code: CONT.CSM0201/5-80A OFERTA!

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Product Description

The CSM 0201 meter belongs to the category of measuring apparatus and it is intended for the metering of active electrical energy for residential consumers, and commercial agents which use tariff systems with one tariff for the electrical energy billing in single-phase low voltage networks.

  • Rated values:
    • Rated voltage, Un: 230 V
    • Base current, Ib: 5 A
    • Maximum current, Imax: 80 A
    • Minimum current, Imin: 0,25A
    • Rated frequency, fn: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
    • Frequency range: 45…65 Hz
    • Meter constant (imp/kWh): 1000 imp/kWh
  • Class A,B for active energy, according to EN50470-1,3
  • Operating temperature: -40…+70°C
  • Transport and storage temperature:-40…+70°C

Mechanical and constructive characteristics:

  • Overall dimensions: 127 x 95(155) x 54 mm, according to figure 2
  • 3 points mounting dimensions: 105 x 75(95) mm, according to fig. 2
  • Display: LCD custom design 60 x 20 mm, acc. to figure 1
  • Wiring diagram: LLNN, according to fig. 3
  • Protection: IP 51
  • Testing device: LED 1000 imp/kWh

Operating characteristics:

  • The meter performs the measurement of the total active energy (unidirectionally) W++W-.
  • Optionally, the meter can be provided with the following:
    • Optical port, according to EN 62056-21;
    • Pulse generator. (40V, 100mA);
    • Current loop for the data transmission, according to EN 62056-21

Other facilities:

  • The meter displays and transmits, through its optical port  (if it exists), error codes for the measuring circuit errors and internal memory.
  • The meter can diagnose the measuring point and can transmit, through its optical port, the following information:
    • The number of voltage drops
    • The number of the reverse connections (energy reverse direction circulation)
    • The meter operating period
    • The number of minutes since the last voltage connection
    • The number of seconds of operation without load

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5-80 A



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